LMIA allows to hire temporary workers for both employers and employees can be benefitted.

What Is Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA?

LMIA is a work permit that helps employers hire workers on a contract basis in Canada. The employers need to submit two applications- one is to Employment and Social Development Canada for LMIA. Another one is to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the approval of a work permit.

Some remarkable requirements of LMIA include- the inclusion of English and the French language in the job advertisement unless the employer establishes the necessity of another language for that particular job; before applying to LMIA, the job advertisement must exist in the Canadian job market for at least four weeks; Submission of a transition plan to ESDC is mandatory while seeking LMIA for high-wage designation, etc.

Hiring full-time employees can be a costly affair for some employers at certain moments. Such employers can apply for LMIA as it will allow them to hire temporary workers. Both employers and employees can be benefitted from LMIA.

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